We are actively seeking experienced attorneys in your area.

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US Foreclosure Defense Law Group, P.C. is expanding rapidly because of the great needs that are in the marketplace. If you have experience with foreclosure defense, we want to speak with you. Please call us, or email attorney@usfdlg.com to schedule a meeting.

Millions of People Are Over-Leveraged, Facing Foreclosure, or in Foreclosure!

Consider This:

Millions are facing foreclosure.
Estimates by many place the number at over 10 million people who are in foreclosure or facing foreclosure, with many more that are over-leveraged.
Other options are not working.
The vast majority of loan modifications are not being approved. Less than half of all short sales are being approved. This leaves millions without recourse.
We can help!
There are specific strategies for taking on the big banks that have proven to be very successful. There is a great opportunity to be of service to millions of people who want to fight back.

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