Why choose us?

We Know What We Are Doing

There are many attorneys in the world, but there are very few with the expertise and experience that we have in fighting the banks and financial institutions. This is what we do, and we do it very well. We have a proven system, which we are constantly improving, that has led us to be very successful at helping people to resolve problems with their lender and their real estate debts.

Our Fees Are Reasonable

Because of our expertise, we have the luxury of being able to work on volume. We don't have to make all of our money on one or two cases. This means that we are able to charge less than many other firms, and we even have programs in which the bulk of our compensation is paid on the contingency of success.

Our Mission is to Help You to Resolve Your Real Estate Debts

We will create a custom solution for you!

At US Foreclosure Defense Law Group, P.C., we specialize in helping people to resolve financial difficulties brought about by real estate debts and we pride ourselves in the fact that we work for you. Our goal is to learn everything we can about your specific and unique situation, and then formulate and carryout a plan that is tailored to your needs. This means that we will look for the right mix of services to put you in a better situation than when we first met you.   To do this, we work hard to be different than many other law firms. Many law firms focus on one type of legal strategy. For instance, many specialize in bankruptcy, while others specialize in short sales, or litigation, or any number of other strategies. While most mean well, their specialized focus often hurts their ability to supply you with the best solution possible. Instead, they see everything through the lens of their expertise. Like the old saying goes, “To someone who is good with a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” A bankruptcy attorney will almost always recommend bankruptcy. Someone skilled in short sale negotiations will almost always recommend a short sale, and so on.   At US Foreclosure Defense Law Group, P.C., our focus is not on just one strategy. Our focus is on you. Our team of expert attorneys are well-trained and highly-skilled in working with many different strategies for resolving your real estate debts. Where communications with the lender are needed, we are very skilled at communicating and negotiating with banks and lenders of all kinds whether¬†it for foreclosure defense, loan modifications, short sales, seeking for forbearance, negotiating a settlement of the debt or any other intention.¬† In short, we have the expertise to do whatever is needed to resolve your situation, and we promise to approach your situation based on your needs and not ours.   To learn more about the services we can offer, click on the links to the left.   The most important of all of these services is actually free! We conduct an initial, 30-minute consultation that is meant to help formulate the plan of attack for you. We encourage you to take advantage of this vital service. To do so, click the link below and fill out the questionnaire. Once you submit the questionnaire, a representative will call you to go over the information and to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. It could be one of the most valuable 30 minutes you will spend at this time of your life!   We look forward to serving you.   Schedule an Initial Consultation

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